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About us

About us

Danzando is a dancing studio offering Zumba and oriental dansclasses.
Danzando is a small and personal dance studio designed and ran by a single 26yr old dancer; Fallon Ubachs. She spents all her energy into her hobby which makes her smile all the way. Transfering her smile en joy into her ‘girls’ is one of her biggest gifts.

Initially Danzando was known as Dance Studio Deva Divine which originated back in 2016. To illustrate the diversity in dancing classes a name change was implemented. Nowadays Danzando thrives in the city center of Maastricht for women of all ages from all over the world. Classes are given in English, Dutch or Limburgs depending on the need of the dancers.

Dance Studio Danzando is located in the sparkling city center of Maastricht. The studio is equipped with complete mirror walls on two sides climate control and all dance specific features. Check out our location tab for more details and photo’s.

Danzando is founded by Fallon Ubachs, currently she gives Belly Dance, Burlesque, Gypsy and Zumba. Fallon has been dancing in a wide variety of studios in the region for many years, granting her hunderds of hours of teaching and dancing experience.

Experience and dedication is an inner strength of Fallon. She is qualified as a global zumba instructor and is connected to the zumba instructor network. She has over 12 years of experience in Belly Dancing and other dance styles and competed in national championships.

The major advantage of Danzando’s studio is the great and personal vibe which is greatly appriciated by the dancers. Fallon makes sure your personal goals and wishes are supported. Caring is what she does best.