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Classes & Workshops

Classes & Workshops

If you want to learn the art of tease you are in the right place. Burlesque is all about bringing out the Diva inside of you. During the classes you dare yourself to become the sexy women you have always wanted to be.
Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. This combination makes sure you are having fun while sweating. A party you don’t want to miss!

Belly Dance
It’s all about body control in a feminine way. Belly dance is a oriental type of dance where you learn to use your body in different ways and pace and still be the beautifull women you are. It’s all about the magical figures of the women.
Gypsy is bright, dynamic and entertaining. Dancing with the big skirts makes you feel like a playfull child again but still as powerfull, feminine and beautiful as you are nowadays.
Bachelorette Party
Girls just wanna have fun! Gather all the ladies for a fun and flirty day of shimmy shaking. A day of glitter, glamour and laughing is guaranteed with a burlesque bachelorette party at Danzando.

Group Workshops
Looking for an awesome activity on a special day with friends, family or your team? This is the place to be. Dancing brings laughter and fun into peoples life and that is what you need on a day out. We will set up a nice workshop for every type of day you are looking for.

Performing is the art to amaze people with the gift you got. Wheter it is a performance at a restaurant, a party or an event the viewer wants to be entertained. If there is one thing dancers at Danzando are good at, it is making sure the public is having a great time.