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  • Opening: Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays 19:00-22:00h
Pricing Plan

Pricing Plan

Price list season 2019-2020
        September 3th 2019 – January 1st 2021

  • Dance classes subscription
    One price for all classes of Zumba, Belly dancing, Gypsy.
Type of  subscription Price per month Term of notice Minimum duration
monthly 30,00 Euros 1 month before 2months
5 months 27,50 Euros 1 month before 5months
10months 25,00 Euros 1 month before 10months
  • Burlesque Workshop
    One sharp price for the popular 5 week burlesque workshop plus a free try out every workshop.
Try outs date (FREE) Workshop date Price Song/Theme
09-02-21 16-02-21 until 16-03-21 50,00 Euros To be announced!
23-03-21 30-03-21 until 27-04-21 50,00 Euros To be announced!
04-05-21 11-05-21 until 08-06-21 50,00 Euros To be announced!
15-06-21 22-06-21 until 20-07-21 50,00 Euros To be announced!
7-09-21 14-09-21 until 12-10-21 50,00 Euros To be announced!
19-10-21 26-10-21 until 23-11-21 50,00 Euros To be announced!
30-11-21 30-12-21 until 14-12-21
(3 week course)
30,00 Euros Christmas Special!
04-01-22 11-01-22 until 08-02-22 50,00 Euros To be announced!

Every workshop will contain a specific song with an unique choreo! which will be taught from beginning till end.
Payments are done manually upfront.

  • Dance Classes + Burlesque workshop combi.
    Do you have a running subscription and would also like to participate in the Burlesque workshop?
    Then the burlesque workshop combi is a great idea! For just 30,00 Euros (instead of 50,00 Euros) you are more than welcome to join the nearest starting burlesque workshop.

  • Single classes
    Do you have a very busy and irregular schedule? Single classes might be just the thing for you.
    For 9,50 Euro’s per lesson you can visist any lesson at any time. A bit pricy but extremely flexible.

  • Free Try-out classes
    Curious about a dance style or not sure if Danzando is just the thing for you?
    You are always welcome to join 1 try-out class for every unique dancestyle, just hop in at your convenience!
    Keep in mind that for the burlesque workshop, try-outs are on fixed dates.